The Bakery

Delicious, handcrafted bread, baked fresh every day. 


Uniquely High-End

From the recipes to the ingredients to the pickup and delivery options, Behind the Breadbox offers you a uniquely high-end product and experience that will leave you happily coming back for more.

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An Experimental Bakery

Every product at Behind the Breadbox is the result of extensive research and experimentation. Check out the Behind the Breadbox Blog to see what’s currently in the works and to learn about our upcoming Customer Tester program!


Tom Nechodomu

Owner, Experimental Baker

I’m Tom, the guy behind the breadbox. I started baking when I was young and once I realized how fun it was, I never stopped. As  an experimental baker, I love learning, challenging what I know, and making yummy things even yummier. Behind the Breadbox is a community of bread lovers who like eating delicious bread while learning about how it was made, what makes it so tasty, and what to make next. 

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