Real bread tastes real good

Real ingredients, freshly made ingredients, homemade ingredients, and local ingredients all make real bread, and real bread simply tastes real good.

I’m Tom, a local Saint Anthony Park bread nerd who wants to share my love for real, delicious bread with you.  If I can make an ingredient, I do it. If I can process an ingredient, I do it. And if I can buy an ingredient locally, I do it. 

All my wheat breads are made with freshly-milled hard white wheat that I mill myself, literally moments before I use it.

My rye breads are made with organic rye from Wisconsin that I also mill myself, right before using it.

I churn my own butter, fresh every week, and utilize the resulting buttermilk in all my white and cinnamon loaves – nothing goes to waste!

I get my maple syrup from a vendor at the farmers market from which I’m selling at the time, currently Jirik Family Farm, selling at Midtown Farmers Market in Minneapolis.

I get my honey from Sticky Drips Honey Co. in New Brighton, MN, and this past year, I helped bee-keep with the owner, Brian, and his son Logan, and we harvested over 300lbs of honey! It’s the only honey I use because I know the bees personally (they’re pretty cool bees).

Oh, and I make my own garlic salt by dehydrating local garlic and then powdering it and making my own salt mix.

It takes a lot of extra effort to do these steps when making my bread, but I promise you, you’ll taste the difference, and you’ll love it!