A customer favorite, the Half Loaf Mix-n-Match, is now in the store so you can continue to take advantage of trying two loaves while only paying for one!

Open for Business

The Behind the Breadbox Shop is open again so you can pre-order your favorites and pickup them up at on Saturdays at the Midtown Farmers Market in Minneapolis. Pre-ordering will be open for the current week’s market date as well as the next; if you would like to order for a date that is further out, you’ll have to wait till it gets within two weeks of the date to order.

The online Shop will remain open after the market season closes on October 29 at which time it will change from pickup orders to deliveries, still on Saturdays, so you can continue to get your fresh homemade bread every week. More details on the off-season delivery service will be available in October.

For questions, please email me at tom@behindthebreadbox.com or come visit me through the end of October at the Midtown Farmers Market!


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